Viewing page load and latency in the wild


How long does it really take for these graphs to load?

Testing for speed and performance internally may lead you to believe that your new feature is snappy. But have you viewed the results with real users in the wild? Use FullStory to double check that your users are truly experiencing your feature as intended.



  1. Use Event Scope > Clicked > Text and type in the text of your button. Alternatively, you can add the CSS selector if you know it. In our example, we're looking for people who clicked on the View Searchies button.
  2. Use FSTV to autoplay sessions related to your search. 
  3. Add additional search filters, such as Browser or Device Type to test load time in various environments. 

Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • How does it look to my users when loading this page?
  • Did the load time visibly change between last week and this week, when we rolled out new changes to production? 

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