FS.shutdown and FS.restart

The FullStory JavaScript API contains two methods which can be used to shutdown (FS.shutdown()) and restart (FS.restart()) recording.

FS.shutdown() stops recording the current page immediately, but has no other effect. 

FS.restart() will start up again, with a "new" page, meaning, while it doesn't refresh the window, it starts recording again as though it were a new page.

Both commands are idempotent, meaning that they'll just quietly do nothing if you call them unnecessarily. For example, if you call FS.shutdown() when FullStory is not currently recording, it will simply do nothing.


Neither of these methods can be called until the _fs_ready() callback has fired. For example:

window['_fs_ready'] = function() {

Shutdown/Restart and Element Exclusions

Please note that shutting down and restarting recordings is not a substitution for excluding elements in FullStory based on CSS selectors. Because there is likely to be a delay between when the FullStory script is loaded and when you call FS.shutdown(), you don't want to rely on shutdown/restart to exclude data from FullStory. We recommend only relying on excluded elements for keeping sensitive data out of FullStory.

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