The FullStory integration with Segment allows you to install and enable FullStory on your website or app with the click of a button. If you haven't already, sign up for Segment.

Set up from Segment

After you set up your Segment account, navigate to the Segment dashboard. Add a new destination. 

Then select FullStory and confirm your source.

In the configuration pane, click FS Org to enter your FullStory Org ID (found in FullStory's Settings > FullStory Setup tab. Look for the value found on this line: window[‘_fs_org’] = ‘ABC’). Then Save.

Then click "Activate Destination" and sessions should start rolling into your FullStory account.

Segment Data Sources and FullStory

Segment provides ways to track customer data from multiple sources. Please note that only data that is tracked with Analytics.js directly on the website will be available in FullStory. FullStory isn't able to ingest customer data from Segment if the data comes from a source other than Analytics.js (e.g. FullStory can't track Segment data from Segment's Mobile, Server, Cloud App, or their generic HTTP sources).

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