The FullStory App for HelpScout lets you see the most recent sessions for the customer who submitted a ticket.

Before you begin, you’ll need your secret FullStory API key to connect your FullStory account with HelpScout.

To find it, log into FullStory, click the Settings tab in your left-hand sidebar, then select Integrations & API Keys. If there’s already a key listed there, great! If not, click the Generate button to create a new key, then click Save API Key. Copy the key to your clipboard so you can paste it into HelpScout.


  1. In your HelpScout account, find the FullStory app in the app store. Click the Install App button to install the FullStory widget on your HelpScout account.
  2. Optional: Enter the maximum number of matching sessions that you would like to see in the Limit field.
  3. Enter your API key from FullStory in the Secret Key field.
  4. Make sure to select the checkbox for the mailbox on which you would like to install FullStory.
  5. Click Save to save these settings.
  6. In the FullStory script on your site, be sure to pass email along with it via FS.setUserVars.
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That’s it! When you open a ticket, you will see the FullStory widget in the Customer Profile sidebar on the right. If the user who submitted the ticket is found in FullStory, we’ll show links to their most recent sessions.

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