The FullStory integration with Segment allows you to install and enable FullStory on your website or app with the click of a button. If you haven't already, sign up for Segment.

Setup from FullStory

When you login to FullStory for the first time we check if your domain (based on your login email) is using Segment and provide a quick setup flow.

  1. Login to FullStory
  2. If your site uses Segment click Setup with (scroll to the bottom of this page for normal setup instructions)Setup with
  3. Consider adding some Excluded Elements to prevent FullStory from capturing sensitive user data (you can update these at any time by going to Settings > Recording & Exclusions)Image title
  4. Click Enable with and be directed to Segment to toggle the integration on
    Image title
  5. Select your Segment FullStory project and click Send DataImage title
  6. Once the integration is enabled you'll be directed back to FullStory
    • Users sessions will begin recording for all the pages on which you have the Segment snippet installed
    • If you’re already calling analytics.identify with Segment, that information will flow straight into FullStory, so there is no need to setup custom IDs using fs.identify.
      Please note: only data that is sent to Segment via the javascript API will make it to FullStory. Calls made to the Segment Server api won't make it to FullStory user vars.

Finish with Segment

Setup from Segment

After you setup your Segment account, navigate to the Segment dashboard. Click the FullStory logo to view the configuration pane.

In the configuration pane, simply enter your FullStory Org ID under FS Org. Your Organization ID can be found in FullStory's Settings > General tab. Look for the value found on this line: window[‘_fs_org’] = ‘ABC’

Segment Data Sources and FullStory

Segment provides ways to track customer data from multiple sources. Please note that only data that is tracked with Analytics.js directly on the website will be available in FullStory. FullStory isn't able to ingest customer data from Segment if the data comes from a source other than Analytics.js (e.g. FullStory can't track Segment data from Segment's Mobile, Server, Cloud App, or their generic HTTP sources).

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