BigCommerce is an E-Commerce platform that provides tools to help online sellers run their businesses. 

FullStory can be easily set up on most BigCommerce themes by following the steps below. Once installed, you can use FullStory to play back user sessions, build conversion funnels, and gain new insights into how your customers navigate your store.


  1. Log in to your BigCommerce account, and open your admin panel.
  2. Select “Store Setup” on the admin panel.

  3. Select “Design”.

  4. Select the “Edit HTML/CSS” button in the center of the page.

  5. Once in the HTML editor, select “HTMLHead.html” in the section titled “Panels in Template”.*

  6. Paste your FullStory recording snippet (learn how to find it here) into the <head> of the theme.

*  If you’re using a custom theme, it’s possible that HTMLHead.HTML is not the name of the file where the FullStory snippet should be pasted. Check with your theme’s developer to verify.

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