FullStory Pro Edition

FullStory offers a Free Edition that comes with 1,000 recorded sessions per month, 3 user seats and 1 month of data history. If you're looking to level up your FullStory game, you might want to consider the Pro Edition.

What is included with FullStory Pro?

The Pro Edition begins at 25,000 sessions and 20 free seats and includes these premium features:

Powerful search functionality

  • OmniSearch for speed of thought search filtering
  • Rage clicks, a one-click search that helps you find frustrated users on your site
  • Dead clicks, a one-click search that helps you find unresponsive clicks
  • Error clicks, a one-click search that helps you find sessions with JS errors
  • Abandoned forms, a one-click search that helps you find when users don't complete a form

Instant analytics, sensitive to any search

Interactive session playback

  • Session playback and FSTV autoplay
  • FullStory Console, a view of JS console errors during session playback
  • Inspect Mode to find and build CSS selector searches
  • Go Live, a live view of a user's session that helps you offer real-time support

Game changing power-ups

What other options do I have with Pro Edition?

If your account is subscribed to the Pro Edition, you have the option to customize your plan with add-ons. These add-ons are available as packs.

Under Settings > Subscription in the FullStory app, you can view your plan options and available packs. You can also see current available packs on our pricing page.

What is the Continuity Pack?

Continuity Pack is our way of ensuring you always keep the features you had for the same price you were paying until you explicitly make a choice to add or remove more features. We tend to iterate on our pricing and may move features around in packs or editions over time, so we want to be sure that you keep what you paid for originally. We also wrote about it, if you're interested in learning more.

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