Can I disable recording for a specific domain?

Yes! You can selectively manage and control which domains you allow to record to FullStory, preventing things like test or staging instances from generating sessions. No need to modify or bifurcate your code, simply click a switch to enable or disable a domain or subdomain.

Navigate to Settings > Recording & Exclusions to add excluded or included domains.

You can specify a full domain name, or you can include an asterisk (*) as a wildcard match for part of the domain name. If you have multiple subdomain levels to match, you may specify multiple wildcards.

For example, if you would like to allow all subdomains of, as well as the naked domain, and disallow all other domains from generating recordings, you would add 2 entries to the list (* and, and then ensure that "Allow Recording From Domains Not In The List" is off (greyed out).

If you have two levels of subdomain to match, you would specify two wildcards in your entry.  The expression *.* matches both and

You may also be interested in blocking IP addresses or User Agents.

The following configuration allows all subdomains of, but not the naked domain It also explicitly disables, and creates an exception to allow recording from localhost.

Note: When you turn off recording, sessions that were already underway will continue to record until completed, so you may notice a few more sessions populate even after you've turned off recording.


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