Does FullStory have heat maps?

FullStory provides visual, aggregate data in the form of Click Maps. You can go from any session replay in FullStory to Page Insights > Click Maps and visualize aggregate clicks on that page, no matter the browser window size, overlay, or app state.

 fullstory click maps - heatmaps for dynamic web

Heat maps for the dynamic web

Click Maps are like heat maps for the dynamic web—minus the color. We're not being cute, heat mapping tools have at least 4 critical problems that make them unreliable for decision-making.

To use Page Insights > Click Maps, no setup or waiting time is required, just launch Page Insights any moment during session playback and you can view the most clicked elements on screen.

For those with the Page Insights Pack, you also have the ability to see the most rage clicked elements, most dead clicked elements, and most error clicked elements. 

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