Can I export the list of users from my search results?

Do you often search for a subset of users with whom you need to interact or analyze? With Export User CSV you can download these searches from the FullStory app in one click. Once you have the list, you'll be able to easily e-mail a group of users who took an action or pivot to your heart's content.


Export User CSV allows you to download the list of users from your active segment or search as a CSV (comma-separated values) file, which can then be imported into spreadsheet applications, email services, and more. The list will be limited to the most recent 20,000 users matching your search.


While viewing a saved segment or a new search (or the Everyone view, if you like), click the "..." button in the upper right-hand corner of your window. This will open the extended actions menu, which includes Export User CSV:

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Export Contents

The time and date the User was created
If using FS.identify, user's unique ID will be listed
The name of the User as it is displayed by FullStory 
The email address of the User
The last page the User visited
The total number of sessions recorded by the User
The time and date of the User's last session (see below on how to parse this value in Excel or Google Sheets)
The length of the User's last session
The number of pages visited in the User's last session
The number of events recorded in the User's last session
The latitude and longitude recorded in the User's last session
The browser used in the User's last session
The device used in the User's last session
The operation system used in the User's last session
The total length of time of the User's recorded sessions
The average length of time of the User's recorded sessions
The total number of events for the User's recorded sessions
If applicable, your custom user variables will be added

Please note: Any aggregate data values (e.g. NumSessions) apply to all sessions for that particular user, not just the matching sessions within the specified segment.

Parsing LastSessionTime

The LastSessionTime value is stored in a format that may be difficult to part in Excel or Google Sheets, e.g.:

Mon May  8 13:36:03 UTC 2017

Assuming the date/time value is in cell G2, you can use the following Excel formula to parse the date/time value that FullStory gives you:

=Date(Right(G2,4),Month(Datevalue(Mid(G2,5,3) &" 1,2000")),Mid(G2,9,2))+Time(Mid(G2,12,2),Mid(G2,15,2),Mid(G2,18,2))

But there's more!

Export User CSV will also export any custom variables you have. They will be named exactly as they are defined in the call to FS.setUserVars, meaning they will typically have type suffixes (e.g. myValue_str, myValue_int, etc).

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