What happens if I hit my quota before the end of the billing cycle?

The short answer is: nothing. 

We don't believe in charging overages and would hate for you to be responsible for ensuring you switch off your recording to avoid additional costs.

On the first day of every billing cycle your quota is reset. As you rack up sessions and near your threshold, we'll raise a few warnings in the app to let you know that you're getting close to going over your quota. This gives you the opportunity to upgrade (yay!) or do nothing. 

Once you've officially recorded your full quota (full disclosure: we give you a little spill over from your official plan number), we'll display a notification that let's you know your recording has stopped. You'll still be able to login and access your recorded sessions as normal. You just won't have any new sessions flowing in. 

On the Settings > Subscription page, you can see your quota reset date so you know how long you'll be twiddling your thumbs before you get new sessions recorded.

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