How do I get FullStory up and running on my site?

The first step toward recording all in-browser interactions and making them available for pixel-perfect playback is deploying our recording JavaScript snippet.

Simply paste the snippet into the <HEAD> element either via your Content Management System (CMS) or via your application's code.

A couple of comments about the recording script:

  • It's super small, asynchronous, and designed to be unnoticeable to any user of your technology. You can read more about the negligible performance impact of FullStory in this article.
  • No need to instrument any elements in your application or site – once the FullStory script loads, it records all in-browser interactions and mutations, so don't fret about how to record that pesky "submit" button – if it's in the page, we see it, record it, and make it available to search.

You can find your account's script by clicking on Settings > General.

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