Can I create and visualize user funnels?

Yes! User Funnels are one of several different kinds of Searchies, beautiful visualizations of your aggregate data.

How do I create a User Funnel Searchie?

To create a User Funnel Searchie, you must first create a segment with the events you'd like to monitor. FullStory intelligently populates a Searchie with a funnel when your segment contains two or more event queries. Then FullStory will show you the percentage of your users who have been in this funnel during the specified time frame.

Add your funnel events in the order of first to last interaction. (Funnel Searchies are sensitive to order, so if your events are misarranged, your funnel could look mighty strange indeed!) For example, the Searchie below shows a funnel of customers who, on an e-commerce testing site, clicked the Add to Cart button, then My Cart, and finally clicked Purchase on the payment page.

Image title

And here is the search that produced this funnel:

Image title

What else can I do with User Funnel Searchies?

If you're curious about why your customers are falling out of the funnel at certain steps, click on one of the bars in your Searchie to instantly alter your search. Clicking on the bar titled "Event 1 + Event 2," for example, will automatically show you customers who completed those two steps but not Event 3.

Now, by watching a handful of sessions, you can see for yourself where customers get tripped up or lose interest and leave your funnel.

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