Updating your FullStory Plan

When you sign up for FullStory Pro Edition, you're prepaying for one month of service. At any time, you can navigate to Settings > Subscription to modify your current quota, add packs, change to Free Edition, or cancel your subscription. 

If you're looking to change your monthly subscription, navigate to Settings > Subscription. There you'll find a billing menu where you can customize your session quota, pack add-ons, and data storage history. 

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What happens when I change my plan mid-cycle?

Changing your plan at any time will result in a prorated charge or credit to your account. An increase to your plan will cause a prorated add-bill and a decrease will receive a prorated credit.

Sometimes the reset takes a minute, so try a refresh or wait 30 seconds if you don't see the reset quota right away. 

If you were out of sessions, your quota will be reset and you'll start recording again immediately. Unfortunately, we didn't capture any sessions while you were out of quota, so upgrading will not recover sessions.  

Note, if you're changing from a paid plan to a free plan, you can lose settings and data. Please read the specific details.

Can I change how long I'm able to keep my sessions?

Yes! In the self-service billing menu, you can choose the length of time that FullStory holds onto sessions. Increasing the months of history on your account will give you a more complete picture of how your customers interact with your site over time.

What if I need more seats?

You automatically receive twenty free seats with FullStory Professional. If you need more than 20 seats, please use the Contact Us button below to give us the details. We'll provide a quote and get your account updated. 

Can I update the billing contact or information in my account?

Yes! In the self-service billing menu, you can edit your card details or invoice recipient. Navigate to Settings > Subscription to find these settings.

Does FullStory provide invoices?

Yes! Navigate to Settings > Subscription to find your past and upcoming invoices. Read more about invoices here.

What if the pricing has changed since I signed up? 

Pricing does change occasionally, and you might find yourself on the sweet end of a grandfathered deal. If we introduce new packs or move features around in a pack, you'll keep what you had in a Continuity Pack. You can keep that plan as long as you like, but once you make a change we won't be able to switch you back to your old plan.

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