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Here are the steps to set this up with FullStory:

  1. Log into your Kameleoon App and click on Admin > Integrations in the sidebar.
  2. Find FullStory in the list of integrations and click the Install arrow button.
  3. By clicking the Install button, you will be able to select the projects on which you want to activate the integration, so that information can be correctly reported to FullStory.

  4. Once you have configured the tool, click on Validate in the bottom-right corner.

    • The configuration panel will close. You will then see an On toggle to the right of the tool’s logo, as well as the number of projects the tool is configured on. The data will be automatically pushed to FullStory if this is installed on your pages.

Associate FullStory with a Kameleoon Campaign

When finalizing your experiment, click the Tracking and Goals step to configure FullStory as a tracking tool. In the Other tracking tools tab, click on FullStory to move the toggle to On.


FullStory will be mentioned in the summary pop-in before going live. Kameleoon will automatically transmit the data to FullStory and you will be able to view your results directly in the tool.

Reporting Tools

In the same way as A/B testing, you can select FullStory among the reporting tools for personalization. For more information on Kameleoon's reporting tools, see their article here.


Once FullStory is set as a reporting tool for an experiment, you can select (or unselect) it via the Kameleoon results page. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Reporting Tools in the panel on the right to open the corresponding menu. The reporting tools associated with the experiment are displayed. 
  2. Click Edit to adjust this selection.
  3. You can then select or unselect FullStory.
  4. Click on Validate and continue to finalize or update your campaign.

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