Mine is a security and privacy platform that allows you to automate deletion requests for FullStory data. You can delete all user data related to a user identified in the browser via the FS.identify Browser API function. This includes sessions, events and custom user variables, as well as all of the raw page files and any corresponding session data on our servers. Copy requests are automated by sending a copy of the user data held.

Before you begin, make sure your Mine plan supports automatic integrations. Additionally, ensure you have a FullStory account with permissions to create an API key.

To connect the FullStory integration, please follow the steps below:

  1. On the left sidebar, click Data Sources and search for FullStory in the integration list.
  2. Enter your FullStory API key.
    • If you don’t have a FullStory API key, follow these instructions (make sure you select Admin permissions).
  3. Copy and paste the key in Mine PrivacyOps.
  4. Click Test your integration to verify.
  5. Click Enable integration and Save.

Note:  FullStory uses a manual identifier: Internal Id.

In order to find the data subject in your FullStory account, in your Mine account, manually enter the Internal Id (USER_ID) of the user. USER_ID is your company's own application-specific ID you've given to the user. You will have passed that ID through the FS.identify() javascript API. You can find the USER_ID in the user card in session replay (ie. user e-mail).

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