How do I create exceptions to element recording rules?


Element recording rule exceptions allow you to apply element recording rules to some, but not all, elements that match a selector. This gives you a high degree of control over the user data FullStory records. In this article, we’ll review the benefits of using element recording rule exceptions and how to get started. 

This feature is not supported on FullStory for Mobile Apps. 

The Benefits of Element Recording Rule Exceptions

Exclude some, but not all, elements that match a selector

There are many cases where you may wish to exclude or mask some, but not all, elements that match a particular selector. 

For example, we highly recommend you configure an element recording rule to exclude or mask all input elements across your site. This ensures FullStory won’t capture any potentially sensitive customer data entered into form fields like email or street address.

However, you may find there are specific input elements you would like to capture. For example, your site search contains a wealth of insights about how users navigate your digital experience. By adding an element recording rule exception, you can tell FullStory to apply recording rules to certain input elements but not others. 

In this scenario, you could set up a rule that excludes all elements with the selector input and add an exception to the rule for all elements with the Then, simply add the selector to your site search and any other elements you wish to track.

Future-proof your site against accidental data leakage

Element exception rules also provide a great way to future-proof your site with user privacy in mind. By creating restrictive recording rules and applying exceptions to specific selectors, you ensure that new elements added to your site match the most restrictive rule by default–safeguarding sensitive data as your site evolves. 

Let’s continue the example above. We’ve masked all elements with the selector input and added an exception for elements with the selector  If a new input gets added to your site in the future, it will be automatically masked by default. The input would only be unmasked if its selector was purposefully changed to, preventing FullStory from unintentionally recording any data from new input elements. 

Getting Started

This feature must be configured by an Admin user. 

In FullStory, create and manage your element recording rules under Settings > Recording and Privacy > Privacy > Element Recording Rules. Use the field “Rule Exception Element Selector” to specify which selector(s) should be exempt from the rule. Your rule will not apply to any elements that match this criteria. 

Note: Exceptions must be simple selectors. Combinators are not supported.

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Do element recording rule exceptions apply to code-first rule management?
There are two different approaches to managing your element recording rules. The first is to implement the appropriate CSS classes into your element libraries, an approach we refer to as “code-first.” The second method for managing element recording rules is through the FullStory Element Recording Rules UI located in Settings > Recording and Privacy > Privacy.

Element recording rule exceptions apply only to the in-app Element Recording Rules located in Settings > Recording and Privacy > Privacy. They do not apply to rules set using the code-first approach. 

Why should I use an element recording rule exception instead of creating multiple recording rules to control which elements are masked and unmasked?
Element recording rules will always apply the most restrictive block rule that matches an element. For example, if you have one rule that masks input and another rule that unmasks, FullStory will respect the most restrictive rule and apply the mask to both input and Element recording rule exceptions allow you to manage this more effectively and reduce the number of recording rules in your account. Win-win!

Are element recording rule exceptions retroactive?
No. Adding a new element recording rule exception will only affect FullStory’s recording behavior from that point forward.

Are element recording rule exceptions supported on FullStory for Mobile Apps?
No, element recording rule exceptions are not supported on FullStory for Mobile Apps. 


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