Percentage of Signed-up Users Visiting your Help Center

Use Dashboard Cards to analyze what percentage of users visited your Help Center. For this specific recipe, you’ll need identify your users in FullStory using FS.identify().


  • Segment: Signed-up
  • Metric: Count of unique users that visited your Help Center domain compared to unique users with any activity


  1. The Signed-up segment is already saved as one of the out-of-the-box segments in your FullStory account. Note: This segment will only include users that have been identified by a unique ID via a call to FS.identify()
  2. Create a Single Metric Dashboard Card called “Percent of Signed Up Users that Have Visited the Help Center” using the Metric count of unique users visiting the domain of your Help Center divided by the number of unique users with Any Activity. 
  3. Change the time period to be specific to the time-range you’d like to analyze (i.e. past 90 days) and apply a color as applicable.
  4. Click to view details on any Dashboard Card to watch related sessions.


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