Analyzing How Many Users Reach Out to Support After Viewing Help Center Content

Create a Funnel to understand how well your Help Center performs in terms of support ticket deflection.


  • Segment: Everyone, or a custom segment that excludes internal users
  • Funnel: Contacted Support via Help Center Funnel


  1. The Everyone segment is already saved by default in your Fullstory account. You can also build a custom segment that excludes internal users by their email domain if you’re passing in the user’s email address via a call to FS.identify() or FS.setUserVars().
  2. Create and save a Funnel called Support Ticket Deflection Funnel by defining the events that a user performs to view at least one Help Article and then submit a support ticket within your Help Center. 
  3. Set the time period to Past 30 days and apply your chosen segment to see how many users reached out to your Support team after viewing at least one Help Center article.
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