Session Volume by Domain

This Dashboard Card will display the count of unique sessions with a breakdown by subdomain for all sessions over the last month. Note that a single session can contain activity across multiple subdomains and will count towards each domain where activity occurred. The sum of unique session counts for each domain may be greater than the total number of sessions for that time period. Find more information about how FullStory treats data capture across domains here.


  • Segment: Everyone
  • Metric: Count of sessions with any activity
  • Dimension: URL Host


  1. The Everyone segment is already saved by default in your FullStory account.
  2. Create and save a Metric Trend Dashboard Card called “# of Sessions by Domain”, using the Metric of count unique sessions with any activity.
  3. Set the time period to Past Month, the interval to Daily, and apply the Everyone segment.
  4. Group by the dimension URL Host to see the count of sessions summarized by subdomain.
  5. Click to view details on any Dashboard Card to watch related sessions.

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