How to create elements with Signal Studio

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Note: This feature is currently in beta.

What is Signal Studio? 

Signal Studio is a tool within the element definition modal that allows you to preview pages and click on the element you wish to define.

Where can I find Signal Studio?

To start using Signal Studio, select “Find selector” in any element data definition modal. 

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How do I use Signal Studio to create an element?

  1. After clicking “Find selector," a new modal will open up showing signal studio.

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  1. Select a part of your website that you want to label. For example, if you want to label your login button, you can search for the URL that contains your login button. Or you can search by text for “Login”. A page preview based on the most recent session containing the URL will be generated. 

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  1. Select the element you want to label by directly clicking on it in the page preview. Keeping with our previous example: if you want to label the login button, you can click on the log-in button.
  2. FullStory will populate the CSS Selector field according to the element you’ve clicked in the preview. Below, you can review the other URLs that this CSS selector appears on to help in your validation.

CleanShot 2024-02-02 at 09.50.47@2x.png

  1. Once you’re confident in what’s shown in the CSS Selector field, click “Apply” so the selector is automatically copy-and-pasted into the element definition modal on the subsequent modal.
  2. Select “Save” to update the element definition. Now you can start using the element for analysis.


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