Split Processing

Who can use this feature?

  • Requires both Enterprise and Data Direct.

Split processing lets you send 100% of your data to a data warehouse and keep a sample of sessions in Fullstory for replay and product analytics. This is ideal for data teams who want full access to behavioral insights supported by a random sample of user sessions for qualitative analysis.

To see the percentage of sessions retained in your account, see % of Sessions for Fullstory Analytics under Settings > Subscription. 

Please reach out to enable split processing or modify the percentage of sessions retained.


How many sessions does Fullstory keep?

The number of sessions kept in Fullstory depends on how many sessions you capture and the percentage allocated for Fullstory analytics. For example, suppose you capture 10,000 sessions and keep 20% for Fullstory analytics. Fullstory will send data for all 10,000 sessions to your data warehouse and keep 2,000 sessions in Fullstory for replay and product analytics.

Can I specify which sessions to keep in Fullstory? 

At this time, Fullstory keeps sessions at random. If you’d like to keep sessions based on specific criteria, please let us know for future consideration!

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