Avoid sending repetitive advice to your customer


Did the customer check the help center before writing in to support?

When customers reach out to support, they probably aren't randomly knocking at your door. It is possible that writing an email was their method of last resort, only after they had looked around in-app, scrutinized the knowledge base, and come up empty. Use FullStory to ensure you don't create a frustrating feedback loop for your customer.



  1. Find the FullStory session URL associated with the support ticket.*  
  2. Watch the session to see if they interacted with your help center. 
  3. Alternatively, run a search for "visited page" "yourhelpcenter.app.com/article123" to check if they read the specific article you have in mind:


*3 Ways to Find the session URL:

Option 1

Search for the session in FullStory with a date and time range and identifying user details. In this example, we use their e-mail address, but for you this might be a Name, UID, or custom identifying variable. 

Option 2

Using one of our Support integrations, retrieve the session directly from the support application. Here is an example of our Zendesk integration:


Option 3

Using FS.getCurrentSessionURL, have a session link directly embedded in your support ticket:



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