Can I switch from a paid plan to FullStory Free?

Absolutely—you're free to switch between a paid plan and a Free plan anytime you like. In fact, this is a fantastic way to keep your fully set-up FullStory account if you plan to return in the future, or if a steady trickle of monthly UX data and insights would continue to be useful to your team.

Would I lose anything when downgrading to Free?

Since the Free plan does not include the same number of seats, sessions and data retention as a paid plan, changing from a paid plan to Free will result in:

  1. Loss of Seats: The Free plan includes 3 free seats. If you have more than 3 logins active, you'll have to remove users before changing to Free.
  2. Lower Session Quota: The Free plan includes 1,000 sessions. If you were paying for more sessions, you'll have a lower session quota when changing to Free. 
  3. Loss of Session History: The Free plan includes 1 month of session history. If you were paying for more history, you'll lose access to those sessions over a month old.

What is included with FullStory Free?

FullStory Free Edition comes with 1,000 recorded sessions per month, 3 user seats, and 1 month of data history.

You'll also get access to these FullStory features:

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