Do I need to inform my users that their behavior is being logged?

When you sign up for FullStory, you agree that you have obtained all necessary approvals and/or permissions to use the FullStory Services and that your use of FullStory does not violate your own privacy policy or any applicable laws (See section 11.1 of the Terms & Conditions for specifics). 

Fortunately, you may already have a FullStory-compliant privacy policy. If you use virtually any other analytics or customer-experience service – including Google Analytics, MixPanel, Tealeaf, Omniture, Intercom, Optimizely, and hundreds of others – you have likely already reviewed your privacy policy to ensure it covers these types of products. That’s because the techniques used by these other popular platforms to collect your customer’s data are fundamentally no different from FullStory’s.

While we’re not in the business of offering legal advice to our customers, if you’re interested in seeing how we notify our customers about information we collect, check out our Privacy Policy, specifically the sections titled "What Information We Collect" and "How We Use Your Information".

Please work with your privacy team or legal counsel to understand what disclosures you are legally required to include in your company's privacy policy, including whether to disclose that you use FullStory. We recommend that you also consult with your privacy team or legal counsel on whether implementing a banner, pop-up or splash page is a useful way to highlight your use of analytics cookies and to obtain opt-in consent from your end-users in applicable jurisdictions. For example, FullStory uses a cookie banner in certain jurisdictions to collect opt-in consent for non-essential cookie usage.

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