FullStory Launch Checklist

New to FullStory and not sure what to do first? This checklist can help you on the way to greatness. 

Get up-and-running.

The magic of FullStory starts the first time you hit play and see a real customer's experience in pixel-perfect playback. Follow these steps and confidently prepare for impending magic.

Have you installed the snippet, but you're not seeing sessions yet? You may have some extra-long user sessions that could take some time to show up in FullStory. Read more about timing for new sessions to appear.

You've got sessions - now what?

There's more to FullStory than hitting play all day. Practice searching, segmenting, and navigating through sessions.


Now that you know your way around, it's time to take your skills to the next level and set yourself up for success. 

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