How do I invite someone to our account?

With FullStory, you have a set number of seats based on your plan. Our FullStory Free plan includes 3 user seats and our paid plans begin with 20 user seats. All plans receive unlimited Guest seats and have the ability to specify Standard or Admin user roles. 

If you need to add more seats to your account, please contact your Account Executive or reach out to our Support team here

With FullStory's Enterprise plan, your team will also have access to an additional seat, the Architect role, and you will see an additional option when inviting users. If you've purchased an Enterprise plan which includes our Umbrella feature, you'll also see an option for an Umbrella Manager role. 

Note: Only Admins or Umbrella Managers (available on select FullStory Enterprise plans) can invite new users.

To invite a new user to FullStory, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Management > Users.
  2. Click on the Invite Teammate button at top right corner of the Invites section


  3. Enter the email address of the individual you'd like to invite. 
  4. Select the user role you'd like this individual to have. The default role will be a Standard user.
  5. Click on Send Invitation.

Note: If you have Google Authentication enabled, each user you invite will be forced to login with Google and will not be allowed to set a password. You can learn more about requiring Google Authentication here

If you ever need to delete an individual from your FullStory account, any user with Admin permissions can do so by clicking on the dropdown menu next to that user's email address and selecting the 'Remove User' option. 



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