Identifying customer frustration


Are customers getting upset while using our app?

Have you ever mashed at your mouse on a website because your experience has been frustrating? If your customers are frantically clicking somewhere in your app, there may be an issue you need to fix or a UI element that could be updated to be more user friendly.



  1. Regularly check the Rage Clicked Recently segment that is pre-populated to watch clips of users rage clicking. 


    Use FSTV to autoplay all of the results in order.
    • Check for broken links and buttons that you can fix immediately
    • Watch for trends where customers are repeatedly rage clicking in the same areas
  2. Refine your search by scoping down to Rage Clicks on specific pages where a frustrating experience could be especially detrimental. For example, your /checkout page.

  3. Share a Note with your team to highlight insightful sessions.


    • Using Slack: Instantly send links to Rage Click sessions to Slack to begin a discussion about the issue with your teammates or flag up to engineering.
    • Using Trello: Build a board of Rage Click problem areas to begin prioritizing fixes in your product.
  4. Attach links of Rage Click sessions to your work queue tickets so the product team has easy access to example sessions when designing an updated solution.


Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

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