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What articles are missing from my searchable help center?

A knowledge base is a powerful tool where many customers go first to find answers to their questions. When you create a help center, you're including FAQs and other topics you're guessing are important to the customer. Make sure you keep your KB up to date with what customers really want to know. 



  1. Deploy the FullStory script on all of your Help Center pages. If your Help Center has the same domain or is a sub-domain of your main app, user sessions will flow seamlessly between help pages and in-app interaction.
  2. Use Inspect Mode to find the CSS selector for the Search bar on your help center and click "Create Search". Change "Clicked on" to "Changed". Save this search as segment Help Center Searches.

  3. Next, create a search for users who visited the KB and then contacted support. Save this search as segment Help Center Contacted Support.


  4. Watch the sessions in these segments and update your KB using the important insights you glean. Some things to watch for:
    • After searching, do they find a matching article? If not, consider writing an article that would answer their question. 
    • Did they read a matching article and still search for more? Consider making your article more robust or writing a more in-depth guide for the issue. 
    • After typing a keyword, which article do they land on? Use keywords that don't return a result and add them to the appropriate article so that next time the user will get a result. These 'layman' terms might be what pops into people's heads before your more technical term. 
    • Do users usually read a few of the same articles? Be sure to add links within your answers to other articles that may be of interest. 
    • Are users still contacting support after they read your articles? If so, consider beefing up the articles they read or adding additional articles based on their corresponding questions.

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