Preparing for a customer meeting


How often does my customer interact with our app and how many users are actively involved?

You've created your business review and re-read all of your recent e-mails with your customer. You're about to head out the door to meet with them. Is there anything else you can do to prepare?

Why not head to FullStory and watch their last few interactions with your app? Use this live interaction data to truly understand how your customer is using your app, how often they are swinging by, how many team members are actively involved, and if they're taking advantage of the latest and greatest features.  



1) How many users from Foo, Inc. are active in your app? View the usage Cards for this account to see login trends for the past 180 days by using these search selectors:

  • 'Email' + 'is' + ''
  • 'Last seen' + 'is in the last' +  '180' 'days'
Conversation question: "What projects has your team been working on lately? Have they been able to use [insert your app here] as a part of that new project?"

2) When was the last time a key stakeholder logged in? Run a search with these search selectors:

  • 'Email' + 'is' + ''
Conversation question: "What is Ms. Key Stakeholder up to these days? I've noticed she hasn't been logging into [your app here] as often as she used to."

3) How many support tickets did Foo, Inc. submit in the past month? Run a search with these search selectors:

  • 'Email' + 'is' + ''
  • 'Has' + 'Clicked' + [insert CSS selector or text for your] 'Support widget submit button' (Hint: use Inspect Mode to find the CSS selector)
Conversation question: "Was your recent interaction with our support desk satisfactory? What can we do to improve?"

Conversation question: "I've noticed your team has submitted several tickets recently. Do you think a 30 minute training or refresher would be helpful?" 

4) Watch a few sessions from each of the above searches and see if the customer is able to easily flow through your app.

  • Are they still struggling to find key action buttons?
  • Have they never navigated to the settings page to set things up? 
Conversation question: "Is there anything in our product that I can help you to understand better? A lot of folks have struggled with our new Slick Feature. I'm happy to give you a quick demo."

Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • Is my customer engaged with our app on a daily basis?
  • How does Customer X compare to Customer Y in terms of app usage?
  • The most important features of our app are 1foo and 2foo. Is my customer using those features?

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