Set your Fullstory account up for success

Understand user roles, learn about integrations, and update customizations to make sure your Fullstory account runs smoothly.

Feeling comfortable with Fullstory fundamentals and ready to power up your account setup? 

Here's a short list of recommended to-do's to complete before you go exploring:

Invite teammates, enable guest roles, or both!

Fullstory sessions spark instant empathy and have an uncanny way of breaking down silos when shared. So, we recommend inviting a crew to navigate Fullstory with you.

If you're flyin' solo, skip this part and move onto the next.

If you work with others, take a moment to consider, "Who else would benefit from being able to search across sessions? Or, should everyone at my organization be able to view a session even if they'll never log in?"

Review the user roles that are available: Standard, Admin, and Guest. If you are subscribed to Fullstory's Enterprise plan, you also have access to an Architect role (permissions between Admin and Standard).

To invite a user (someone who will be able to log into Fullstory and search across sessions), click to Settings > Account Management > Users and click Invite Users. You can invite a single user or up to 30 in bulk. 

While you're under Users consider whether you'd like to enable Guest roles. This setting is recommended if you know you'd like to share links to sessions in group chat or project management tools where lots of folks might have access to click the link.

Block bots or unwanted traffic

Some of the traffic that could land on your site might not be real customer traffic at all.

It's important to make sure that you exclude traffic from bots or unwanted IP addresses to get the most from your session quota.

Click over to Settings > Data Capture and Privacy > Data Capture and scroll down to look for modules to add Blocked IPs and Blocked User-Agents. 

Add an individual IP address or User-Agent string to block all traffic from that bot or crawler. Read more about finding the right IP or user-agent string to block in, "Can I block unwanted sessions by IP address or User-Agent or bot?"


Review available integrations

Connect the critical systems, and plug the power of Fullstory into your existing workflows. 

Using Slack? Turn on integrations to send sessions to channels.

Managing bugs in Jira tickets? Enable the integration to make reporting bugs a cinch.

Supporting customers with a help desk? Flip the switch to send Fullstory sessions to your incoming tickets, so you can see exactly what a customer saw before they contacted support. 

With Fullstory's ever-expanding list of integrations, you're bound to find something that will work for you. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Manage, and make it so. 


Pass custom user data to your Fullstory account

Search and session replay is powerful on its own, but it's super-charged when you start syncing over custom data points that matter to you about your unique customer experience.

Fullstory provides a mechanism to pass in user-specific variables through the API, using FS.identify and FS.setUserVars.

Once you start passing over identifiers and custom user vars, you'll be able to just start typing and search for all users with a specific custom variable data point.

Job title? Customer lifetime value? Favorite snack? If you've got the data for a customer, you can send it over with a session.

Read all the specs (and/or send them to a helpful web developer or engineer on your team) to get started with custom data.


Now that you have user roles set-up, bots blocked, integrations activated, and custom user data flowing into Fullstory, your account is set-up for success.

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