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Disclaimer:  we're not Signal Tag Manager experts, but if you would like to deploy the FullStory recording snippet via STM, please read on! Here we will provide some helpful tips that other FullStory customers have brought to our attention while adding the FullStory recording snippet to their site via STM. 

Why am I missing the first few seconds of a session?

Signal JS is loaded asynchronously outside of <head> element of your page. It's recommended to install fs.js in the <head> of your page for maximum recording and playback fidelity. When the script is further down in the page it may take a little bit longer for it to start recording, depending upon whether there are blocking resources earlier in the page. This means that you could miss a second or two of the session. 

For more on how we load our script, check out this article

The tag is deployed, but I don't see any sessions!

Most important to note, the backtick character (`) is a special character for Signal, so you will need to encode these characters when placing the recording snippet into custom tag code.

Note: the above will only apply if you adopted FullStory prior to January 22, 2018. The backtick character was included in a JS API method that has since been deprecated. 

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