What happens when FullStory undergoes updates?

Once per week, usually on Tuesday mornings around 10 am Eastern, we release updates for FullStory. These updates could consist of major additional features and integrations, or they could be collections of small fixes that will make your experience smoother, faster, and more magical.

Will FullStory be down during updates?

FullStory is fully operational during almost all updates. You'll be able to use all features, and incoming sessions will be recorded normally, while updates are happening.

But I can't see my sessions or perform a search! What's going on?

Every once in a while, we need to update the service that parses and returns your FullStory searches and segments. (And yes, "Everyone," the default FullStory view, is technically a segment.) These updates should last no more than half an hour.

During these much rarer updates, you'll still be able to watch sessions if you have hard links to them. For example, if you're using one of our help desk integrations and the ticket includes a link to the customer's session, clicking the link will launch the session and playback will occur normally.

And have no fear – your incoming sessions are still being recorded! We take recording extremely seriously, and none of our updates will ever cause it to go down.

Need to get in touch with us?

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