Can FullStory show conversions?

The burning question, of course, is whether people clicking on our ad are converting, or performing the action you wanted them to take on your site. This is where the incredible specificity of FullStory’s data collection really comes into play.

Whatever your conversion goal, it's easy to track, and unlike GA and other analytics tools, you don't have to set a goal or add a conversion-tracking script to your HTML ahead of time. You can even decide on a conversion goal and retroactively track it using the wealth of data collected by FullStory!

Keep reading for more info on how you can dive into understanding conversions using FullStory on any plan. But if you're interested in some advanced conversion funnel analysis, we'd love you to check out FullStory's dedicated Conversions product, available on the Enterprise plan.

Learn more about it in our Introduction to Conversions!


Building your conversion search

Think about your conversion action. What does the user actually do to fulfill this goal? What action do they take on your site? And how can you turn that into a FullStory search?

If your conversion action is to fill out a form, click a button, or otherwise interact with a certain element of your site, use the "Clicked" Event Filter. You can choose to search for click events based on either the text shown in the element or the CSS selector for that element. In our example we are looking for any user who clicked an element with the text "Purchase."

For the next step in our conversion funnel, we’re going to search on Visited URL > is, and enter 

This is a page on our demo site that’s loaded every time a user successfully completes an order, so we can infer that anyone who’s visited this page has completed our conversion goal. Our resulting segment of converting users looks like this:




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