Can I autoplay all sessions from a segment?

Yes! FullStory TV, or FSTV for short, will continuously play all of the sessions returned by your search or segment results. (This includes the Everyone segment, in case you're looking to stream every single one of your new sessions.) 

When your current playback ends, FSTV auto-plays the next clip or session from your search results after a 5-second pause.  Note that when viewing a User Scope search segment, FSTV will only play the first matching session for each user that met the search criteria.

You can still pause, share notes, and use Inspect Mode while using FSTV. But now you won't have to navigate back and forth between session playback and search results. 

To start using FullStory TV, simply:

  1. Click on the first clip or session icon in your search results
  2. Scroll to the FSTV controller at the bottom of the events list
  3. Toggle "Autoplay" to On




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