Communicating a customer issue to an engineer


How do I explain this issue to an engineer to ensure my customer gets the best help needed?

When your customers write in to support, you don't always have the context needed to troubleshoot their issue because you, your customer, and your engineering team all speak a different language. A FullStory session acts as a translator, allowing you to send a data capture of your customer's problem session along with all associated environment details directly to an engineer instead of increasing frustration with more e-mails and confused language. 



  1. Find the FullStory session URL where the issue occurred.*  
  2. Copy the URL from the browser bar or generate a FullStory share link and send it to the engineer! 

Now your engineer can instantly know helpful information, such as:

  • Which page was the customer on when the issue occurred?
  • What were their actions prior to the event? If I act out the same events, will the error be reproduced?
  • What browser or device were they using?
  • What console warnings or errors were present at the time of this session?

*3 Ways to Find the session URL:

Option 1

Search for the session in FullStory with a date and time range and identifying user details. In this example, we use their e-mail address, but for you this might be a Name, UID, or custom identifying variable.


Option 2

Using one of our Support integrations, retrieve the session directly from the support application. Here is an example of our Zendesk integration:


Option 3

Using FS.getCurrentSessionURL, have a session link directly embedded in your support ticket:


Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • I'm not sure what this support ticket means? Let me just watch the session.
  • I wonder what browser my customer was using when they encountered this error?
  • Have any other customers had this error on this page?


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