Comparing performance between environments


How does our new feature compare on mobile vs. desktop?

Instead of waiting on biased user testing or trusting that your internal devices and simulations are accounting for enough variability, use FullStory to view actual experiences in the wild. Take a look at sessions from many different Browsers, Device Types, Operating Systems, and Display Width or Height. 



  1. Filter your searches under the Device Scope using as many environment filters as you want. Options include: 
      • Device: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Robot, Unknown 
      • Browser: Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Robot, Mobile App, Yandex, Unknown
      • Operating System: Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows Phone, Robot, Unknown
      • Display Width: was, was not, was less than, was greater than, was at most, was at least
      • Display Height: was, was not, was less than, was greater than, was at most, was at least


      • Add an Event Scope filter to find users who clicked or changed a specific selector or visited a specific page. Screen_Shot_2022-06-23_at_11.32.25_AM.png

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