Examining new visitor site flow


For new traffic this week, how many people land on the pricing page?

You've spent time calculating and perfecting your pricing strategy and then designing a page to communicate this information your new customers. Are they using it? Are they raging against it? Are they contacting Support with questions you thought you answered?



  1. While viewing the Everyone segment, click on New this week 
  2. To view new users who visited your pricing page add the Event Scope Has > Visited page > has substring > /pricing (enter the URL path for your pricing page here)

  3. Click View Searchies to see visualizations of your results including Device Breakdown, Top Browsers, Top Referrers, and Top UTM sources 
  4. Click into any of the Searchies to filter your search further.
  5. Add the Event Scope Has > Rage Clicks > On Anything to see if any customers took their confusion out on their mouse and your page.
  6. Add the Event Scope Has > Clicked > Help or Has > Visited page > has path > /help to see if they tried contacting or searching for Help after visiting the page.

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