Finding customers who encountered a bug


How can I find customers who have encountered an error today?

Too often bugs and errors are flagged by our users once they've encountered an error. With FullStory Error Clicks, you can quickly and easily find actions that are leading to errors and proactively flag them to your engineering team to fix before hearing from your customers.



  1. Use the Error Clicks search in Event Scope to filter to sessions where a click immediately triggered a console error.
  2. Use FullStory DevTools to view your javascript warnings and errors that were present at the time of the session.Screen_Shot_2022-06-23_at_1.17.16_PM.png
  3. Use autoplay to navigate through sessions quickly. Look for patterns of the same button or same pages that are causing errors.
  4. Send your findings and example session links to your engineering team so they can get started on a fix.

Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • Did my customer leave the app after encountering a bug?
  • How many first time visitors encountered this bug?
  • What javascript errors were triggered on the Cart page?

Note: If you want proactive insights and help prioritizing which bugs really matter the most to your customer experience, you may be interested in FullStory's dedicated Conversions product, available on Advanced and Enterprise plans.

Conversions will analyze your funnel to provide proactive, actionable insights prioritized based on which issue had the greatest effect on your customers converting.

Learn more about it in our Introduction to Conversions!


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