Finding customers who haven't used a feature


Which of my over $100 MRR customers have not tried out our new feature?

When you want to ensure customers are getting the most value out of your product, it is often helpful to know if they're using all of your product's features nd if they are using them fully. Use FullStory to see which of your customers have become experts with your new features and which customers may benefit from your helping hand.

Be sure to scope your search to your own business needs by including factors such as MRR/ARR, plan type, sign-up date, or integration status.



  1. Use FS.identify or FS.setUserVars to assign plan information to your users. Examples:
    • Customer's lifetime spend, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) or plan level 
    • Customer sign-up date 
    • A flag for users who have enabled an integration
  2. Use Inspect Mode to bootstrap a search for users who have clicked on the button for your new feature. (In the below example, we are checking for customers who have clicked our newly launched 'Help' button.) 
  3. Modify the search to answer the question: Which of my greater than $0 Lifetime Spend customers has not tried out our new feature?
    • Change "Has" clicked to "Has not" clicked.
    • Narrow to customers with greater than $0 Lifetime Spend in User Scope
  4. Export your search results as a .csv file to get a quick list of contacts to e-mail with tips and tricks about your new feature.


Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • How did my customer's first experience with our new feature go?
  • Are Silver Plan customers using our new feature more than Gold Plan customers?
  • How long, on average, did users spend the first time they used our new feature?

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