Finding customers who ran into issues


Which of my customers encountered that nasty bug we discovered last week?

When you hear from one customer about something that is broken on your site, it can sting a little. What you don't know is how many customers had the same experience and didn't speak up, possibly leaving your service forever. Use FullStory to find a list of customers who experienced a known issue on your site so that you can follow up with them and make amends.



  1. Use Inspect Mode to bootstrap a search for all events of clicking on your broken link or button. In our example, we'll call it the "Log In" button.


  2. Scope down the time of your search to the day and time that the button was broken.


  3. Export your search results as a CSV file so that you can email identified customers to let them know what happened.

Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

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  • Did my customer leave the app after encountering a bug?
  • How many first time visitors encountered this bug?


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