Choosing a FullStory plan type

FullStory offers three plan types to fit your company's needs: Business, Advanced & Enterprise.

Below we'll discuss what each plan includes, how they're structured and which would work best for your company. 

Feature Business Advanced Enterprise
Core Analytics


Page Flow
Custom Dashboards
Client Side Ragehooks
Go-live and Co-browsing
Configurable form privacy
Metric Insights
Watched Elements
Retention Charting
Segment Alerts
Data Export
Customizable seat type/access level (ie. Architect)


What is FullStory Enterprise?

Session Replay, Complete Product Analytics, Security & Advanced Org Management

The FullStory Enterprise Edition is for cross-functional orgs who need complete data and robust admin controls to optimize their digital portfolio. It begins at 100,000 sessions, 100 seats, 1 month of Session Replay Retention, 12 months of Product Analytics Retention and 500,000 Server Side Events. It includes all features from FullStory Advanced, plus:

Multi-org Management

Role Based Access Controls

Exclusive Capabilities

  • Ability to purchase Umbrella Management Tools, FS Focus and Premium Support as add-ons

What is FullStory Advanced?

Session Replay, Complete Product Analytics

The FullStory Advanced Edition is for companies that need deep product analytics rooted in qualitative insights to innovate and grow with agility. It begins at 100,000 sessions, 50 seats, 1 month of Session Replay Retention, 12 months of Product Analytics Retention and 500,000 Server Side Events. It includes all features from FullStory Business, plus:

Quantitative Context

  • Journeys show the most common path your visitors are taking from entry or exit points
  • Conversions for funnel analysis that include top signals impacted
  • Retention Charting visualizes user engagement by tracking the number of users that return(s) to a specific event after another, over time

Prioritize Value

Supplemental Events

What is FullStory Business?

Session Replay, Core Product Analytics

The FullStory Business Edition is for growth-minded teams who need pixel-perfect insight to spot trends, improve funnels, and plan roadmaps. It begins at 100,000 sessions, 20 seats, 1 month of Session replay retention, 12 months of Product analytics retention, 500,000 Server Side Events and includes these features:

Your own personal workspace

  • Home is here for you to build a workspace that makes sense to you

Instant analytics

  • Create Segments, or cohorts of users
  • Funnels are a series of actions you want an end-user to take in your digital property
  • Metrics help you track key interactions and KPIs on your site or mobile application
  • Dashboards are custom visualizations of your FullStory data

Track engagement thru session playback

Privacy tools

  • Detections helps monitor for the presence of potentially sensitive data and ensures you don't capture any PII by mistake

Valuable Add-ons

What is FullStory Free?

We also offer a Free Edition that comes with 10,000 sessions per month, 10 user seats, 1 month of Session replay retention, 5,000 Server Side Events and 1 year of Product analytics retention.

Reach out to your FullStory account executive, or contact us in-app, to discuss the best plan option for your organization.

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