Gaining context around support tickets


How can I understand what my customer is asking in this support ticket and reduce the number of e-mail communications? 

When your customers write in to support, you don't always have the context needed to troubleshoot their issue or you may not fully understand their question. A FullStory session adds clarity, allowing you to view your customer's problem session to get a better understanding of the issue instead of creating a frustrating e-mail exchange for your customer due to lack of understanding.



1) Find the FullStory session URL where the issue occurred.*  

2) View the session to understand your customer's meaning more clearly. Look for clues to answer these questions.

  • What were their intentions?
  • What actions were they trying to take?
  • Where in the app did they encounter an issue?
  • What did they try before reaching out to support?
  • Did they encounter a known bug, or is this a training issue?
  • Were any console errors present during their session?

* 3 Ways to Find the session URL

Option 1

Search for the session in FullStory with a date and time range and identifying user details. In this example, we use their e-mail address, but for you this might be a Name, UID, or custom identifying variable.


Option 2

Using one of our Support integrations, retrieve the session directly from the support application. Here is an example of our Zendesk integration:


Option 3

Using FS.getCurrentSessionURL(), have a session link directly embedded in your support ticket:


Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • Do our help docs address this issue?
  • What browser was my customer using when they encountered this error?
  • Have any other customers had this error on this page?


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