Introduction to Searchies

Our answer to traditional data visualization is the beautiful, intelligent Searchie system. 

Every time you search, we'll provide data visualizations below the user list that correspond with your most recent search results

Searchies can show you insights like common referrers, trends in the number of customers who match the segment, percentage of people who reach certain steps in a funnel, and the performance of URL parameters.

Searchies help you fluidly move between aggregate data and the individuals that comprise it. Click on any bar in a chart or funnel to instantly hone your search for those customers' experiences.

User Trends Searchie

User Funnel Searchie

Top Users Searchie

Top UTM Sources Searchie

Top UTM Mediums Searchie

Top UTM Campaigns Searchie

Error Clicks Searchie

Rage Clicks Searchie

Dead Clicks Searchie

Segment Health Searchie

Browser Breakdown Searchie

Device Breakdown Searchie

Top Referrers Searchie

Rage Grade

Top Frustrated Sessions Searchie
Screen Resolution Breakdown

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