Measuring social ad effectiveness


How many new customers did we get from our social ad campaigns?

Like snowflakes, no two social ad campaigns are alike. Use FullStory funnels to gain a multitude of insights into each campaign's effectiveness and if your ad spend translated to customer acquisition.



  1. While viewing the Everyone segment, click on New this week and add Referrer URL > has param > utm_source=facebook (or Twitter, Google, etc.)
  2. Add the Event Scopes which relate to positive customer actions for your site.
    • These are your funnel events so add them in the order of first to last interaction. Ex: Has Clicked > Add to Cart , Has Clicked > Checkout, and finally Has Clicked > Purchase on the payment page.


  3. Scroll down to the page until you see the Event Funnel card. This will allow you to analyze this ad campaign specific acquisition funnel.


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