Monitoring beta feature usage


How are users adapting to our new feature?

While a feature is in beta, ideally you are monitoring its usage, collecting constructive feedback, and making iterative improvements. Use FullStory to answer questions like "Are people finding this feature?" and "Are people easily navigating through tasks with this feature?". 



  • Build a segment of all users who have used your new feature using event filters specific to your feature. Use Inspect Mode to narrow in on a specific CSS selector for a key element if needed. 
    • This might mean "Clicked on" or "Visited page" depending on your new feature's setup.
  • Watch several sessions using the autoplay feature. Begin to get a feel for how users are interacting with the feature and ask questions like:
    • Is the navigation easy?
    • Is the UX playing out in the wild as we intended?
    • Is there any low hanging fruit for UI or UX fixes?
    • How long are users interacting with the feature?
  • Navigate back to Segments and view the card visualizations related to your current Segment to analyze beta feature usage even further.
    • Identify usage trends from the beginning of your beta period using the User Trends card.
    • Click on the 'Add to Search' link next to Mobile on the Device Breakdown card and watch mobile sessions specific to your new feature.

Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • How does our new feature fare on mobile vs. desktop?
  • Is anyone using that new feature we launched last quarter?
  • Is it time to sunset our Originally Awesome feature?

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