Optimizing for every device


How does our user's experience look across devices?

It’s bad practice to optimize your site for desktop users without testing it on any other devices. Use FullStory to make sure you’re optimized for over 90% of the market. 



  1. While viewing the Everyone segment (Library > Segments > New Segment), scroll down until you see the Device Breakdown card.
    • HINT: If you want to test a specific URL or Feature, add a Visited Page or Clicked filter to the search.
  2. Determine what percentage of your customer traffic is typically on Desktop versus mobile or tablet.
    • In our example, at least 11% of our customer base has visited our site using a mobile device, so we want to check that out.
  3. Click "Mobile" to add a mobile session filter to your search. (Alternatively, click "Tablet" to only view tablet sessions, etc.)
  4. Once you're viewing only Mobile sessions, watch the sessions to reveal answers to these types of questions:
    • Does the landing page for mobile ad clicks look great for your mobile users? 
    • Are users scrolling through most of the content, or stopping at a certain point on the page? 
    • Is your sign-up form unnecessarily difficult for thumbs to navigate?


Similar recipes you can cook up in FullStory:

  • How does it look to my users when loading this page?
  • Are users from The Deck ad always mainly arriving on mobile or desktop devices? 

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