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The Conversions product is available for users who have purchased the Advanced or Enterprise Edition. To learn more, ask for a demo from your Account Executive or reach out to

Learn all about conversions in our interactive learning module! Check it out here.

Looking for a deep dive on Conversions? Check-out the 4 part series designed to provide more details about the Conversions product. Use this article as a high-level overview to help you get started with Conversions. 

1. Navigate to Conversions

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2. Adjust the Conversions Composer to select the funnel, cohort, date, and signals to consider

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a. Create or Edit a Conversion Funnel by defining the event filters you want to analyze

Funnel Event with Revenue.png

Wondering about the difference between a Conversion Funnel and a Segment?

b. Select the Segment of users you want to analyze by adjusting the Performed By filter


c. Adjust the Date Range to include sessions from a specific timeframe

d. Configure the Signals that could contribute to your list of Opportunities, including common points of friction, Custom Events and Watched Elements

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Screen Shot 2022-07-13 at 11.31.18 AM.png

3. Once saved, review the list of opportunities to improve your Conversion Funnel

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4. Select an Opportunity to open a more detailed Opportunity Analysis View

a. The Opportunity Details provides an overview of the analysis

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b. Watch sessions to gain context for users who did or didn’t have this experience and how it impacted their conversion

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c. The Opportunity Detail and Comparison provide more visibility into where this experience is impacting your Conversion Funnel

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