Can I search for events while watching a playback? Event List Filter

Yes! By clicking the Event Types button on the User Card in the Playback Window, you can filter for only the events you care about (Clicks, Navigates, Custom Events, etc…).


By clicking on these events in the Event List, FullStory will navigate the Playback precisely to that moment in time, so you only have to watch the pieces of Playback that are relevant to you.  This can be particularly useful searching for events like 'Notes' your teammates have left in the session.


You can also search in the 'Filter events' bar for URL fragments like 'checkout' to narrow down the navigate events when a user enters the checkout flow. While we still recommend using OmniSearch to find the specific sessions you want to watch, searching for 'checkout' and clicking on one of the events in the Event List will take you right to that moment in time.

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