Zendesk Guide

As long as your are on the Professional or Enterprise plan for Zendesk Guide, you can add Fullstory to your help center to see exactly how your users are interacting with your documentation. If you haven't already, we'd also recommend checking out our Zendesk Support integration here


To deploy Fullstory in your help center, simply follow the steps below

  1. In Zendesk Guide, click the Customize design icon () in the sidebar.
  2. Click Customize on the theme you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit code.
  4. Click into script.js file.
  5. Paste your data capture snippet from the Settings > Fullstory Setup page, excluding the opening and ending script tags (i.e. <script> and </script>).
  6. Save and publish the change.

That's it! Once you've published these changes within Zendesk Guide, Fullstory will capture on all new page loads, and you'll be able to see visits from users to your help center.

Note: As long as your help center has the same TLD-1 domain as your main site (e.g. help.example.com and app.example.com), visits to your help site and main site will appear within the same session.

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